I was given an Award Challenge to do from Musing of a Young Mom.  All I am required to do is list 7 things about myself and then tag 7 bloggers. So I hope you don’t mind more facts about me!

1.  I’m a girlie-girl.  I like to look pretty.  I love shoes and doing my makeup.   I do grandma – crafts, love to decorate my house and do my nails.  I say this now because after reading the rest of this list you probably won’t believe me.

2.  I love comic books, comic books movies and superheros.  This fact almost started a few fights between my now-husbands and a few forlorn gentlemen in bars during college when I was deemed “the perfect woman” based on my knowledge of the above and my ability to drink Guinness without flinching and my ability to “hold my own” with people twice my size.  (I have since lost that ability)

3.  When I was younger I never want to be the “damsel in distress” when I played make-believe.  Usually I preferred to pretend that I was either Robin Hood/Will Scarlet or one of the hobbits from LOTR, which one I was (Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin) varied based on my mood or where I was in the book.

4.  I started to learn Japanese Martial Art Weapons training (sword, bo-staff and general unarmed with some knife training thrown in for kicks) when I was in college but had to quit due to a badly pinched nerve in my back.  I hope to get back into it some day when I’m in an area that offers it again.

5.  My husband and I met while taking part of and later helping to run our universities Stage Combat Club.  There’s no better way to get to know someone than spending two years trying to figure out different ways to kill them.

6.  In our last year we choreographed an amazing fight, it used quarterstaves, sai’s and some unarmed combat and tumbling.  About six months later we were amazed to see it’s almost exact copy as the final fight between the Witch and Peter in the first Narnia movie.  Everyone in the club that went to see the movie found us later – in awe over the similarities.  Now every time we watch that movie we turn to each other and say “They stole our fight”.

7.  I know Godzilla… no really I do, or at least I did when I was in high school.  I met and did some physical theatre workshop with a wonderful gentleman who works for the Dell’Arte School in Northern California who just happened to be the gentleman who was Godzilla in that Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie.  He wore the suit with all the lights and things.  He  was amazing, when I’m in my fifties I want to be able to do the splits like him.  Anyways I was one of a small number of students to do a little physical theatre performance for a bigger Mask Workshop being held in my home town’s college.  The performance went great until we were all trying to leave the stage in a mass through a rather small door and I ended up at the bottom of the pile with my wrist at an unusual angle.  It was a battle wound I wore proudly.

… But I swear I’m a girl….