Right Now I Am Happy Because :

1. I feel ready and excited to get back to work at the end of the month – I feel like a new person.

2.  My husband actually likes my embroidery artwork – this means it can go on the walls!

3.  Dr. Pepper exists – I don’t really drink much, don’t smoke, don’t drink coffee, go easy on the sweets, it’s my one vice and it’s lovely.

4. Peanut Butter Twix exists – okay, fine I have two vices.

5.  I have some great things coming to me in the mail – even if I’m still waiting for my Christmas Converses to arrive.

6.  As of this moment we are one month away from paying off our credit card, about 4 months away from paying off our loan and possibly 12 months away from paying off our car and being extraneous debt free – my financial planning abilities are a great source of pride for me at this moment.

7.  My husband and I actually used “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” to decide who went first at Blockus

8.  This song just makes me giddy.

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9. Did I mention that Dr. Pepper exists?

10. This rocks my nerdy socks