At the beginning of this year I had a good sized basket of yarn and a loathing of becoming a “stasher”.  You know one of those old ladies that has piles or yarn, boxes of buttons and mountains of fabric; so I really try to keep myself in check, especially at thrift stores.  So I bring you the great stash bust of 2010. I want to start working on more complicated projects with a better quality of yarn, so I’m giving myself a rule that I can’t start those projects until I’m done with what’s in the basket already

In order to do this I spent the last few days dividing and organizing the stash, assigning projects and shelving it all accordingly.  I got rid of a shopping bag of leftovers and a few things I’ll never use, and at the moment I have 6 skeins of yarn that don’t have projects assigned, but I do have a general idea of them (1 skein hat, 1 skein gloves, 4 skeins blanket or charity project).

Here’s a look at my projects for this year:

My First Sweater

Transition Gloves

From Right to Left: A Scarf, Craft Hope Scarf, Beret, Socks, Another Scarf

I still need to go throw my fabric box and needlework stuff, but this should keep me busy for a few months.