Oh I know I’ve complained a lot about the little things related to my line of work, but there are some points when it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  The first couple days of the season are always like that, it’s that new car smell-first day of school feeling.  It makes me want to have everything in my life cleaned and organized and also makes me want to buy new notebooks and really cool pens (and maybe a big pack of crayons while I’m at it).

All that’s around us right now are the hopes of what the season could be, and that’s exciting.

I also have to chew your ear for a moment about how much I love my company.  Now I’ve had my favorites in every where I’ve worked (Hi Corrie!), but I love my little community here.  They make me want to continually push myself to do better at my job in a way I’ve never experienced; and as many of you know now that I’m pretty certain I will be changing careers in a few years, this is a big deal.  It’s also the little things; like when some of the “big-wigs” actually remember your name and ask excitedly “Are you on my show?” or when one of your favorite stage managers shouts, as he’s crossing the street, that “I’m really excited you’re on my show!” completely unprovoked for such a great compliment.

Though I know I don’t want to do other people’s laundry for the rest of my life I do know that I’m really grateful for the couple of years I’ll have here.  I’m really excited because we’re celebrating our 75th Anniversary this year and it’s going to be amazing!

If you need a vacation and live or want to travel to the American Northwest I can suggest a great place to see some amazing (Tony-Award Winning) theatre this year.