If I was a superhero (and we all know how much I wish this was true) my arch-nemesis would wear the reds and creams of the Dr. Pepper can.   As it stands now, my arch-nemesis is simply… the Dr. Pepper Can.

I consider myself to be a person of relatively few vices… at least when it comes to what goes into my body.  I’m not an ultra-vegan health nut, but I still manage to have a better diet than the majority of the people in this country and I’m constantly trying to improve that.  However I falter at soda.  I love soda; have ever since I was a kid and I wish I didn’t.

I kicked the habit once, for the better part of my senior year of high school and lost about 10 lbs just by that; so I know I can do this.

So here’s the plan:

From January 1st through January 11th I’ve gone 4/11 days without a soda.  I currently have two days designated specifically as “no-soda” days and then am trying to fit as many other days as I can.  My goal is to have at least 200/356 days of this year be soda free.  I can have soda on 156 days or 3 soda days a week at most.  It might seem like a lot but for someone who likes to pick up a DP on her way to work everyday (6 days a week) it will be a challenge.

Though I’d love to see myself completely rid of the vile beverage my more attainable goal is I can make it so I drink no more than once a week at most.

Anyone have any suggestions for achieving this goal?