from me to the world.

I consider myself a Christian and I will say here and now that Pat Robertson does NOT speak for me.

To blame a catastrophe of this measure on a historical rumor is beyond base, it is vile and despicable. *  And it turns my stomach to think that someone out there believes what ever this man says with no question (He said a similar phrase about Hurricane Katrina, which he later recanted when the backlash came) and that some aid and support might be withheld because of his hate mongering.  Yes, he did say that he hopes this is a chance for rebuilding the country, sure he has his charity going to help them (I’ll believe it when I see it) blah, blah, blah, but by saying the rest he essentially said to the people of Haiti “You had this coming to you.”

We wonder why so many people hate Christians when there are people like that standing in a national spotlight expounding on their own warped idea of Christian morals.  He spouts a lot of hate sugar-coated with “good intentions” for someone serving a God of Love and we all know what good intentions pave.

A quote I heard earlier makes me smile at least.  “Pat Robertson seems to know a lot about who made what pacts with the devil. . . he’s probably in league with the Devil himself, who else would go to so much trouble to make Christians look so bad?”

As I asked on earlier posts I ask that we show the world what true spiritual people are (whatever religion you subscribe to).  Let’s keep in mind the struggle that is here and coming for this nation.  There are charities that need money and will need donations in the future and rescue workers who need support.  There will be hundreds of thousands of adults and children who will need support and homes.

I will not try to sugar coat it, Haiti needs a miracle.

Tonight I will pray again for Haiti and it’s people and everyone involved or touched in the slightest by this.

I will even pray for Mr. Robertson, may God open his eyes and have mercy on him.

*and yes I know the story and yes, I know Haiti’s history with the practice of Voodoo, etc. and yes I even watched Mr. Robertson video clip to make sure I understood the way he said this and to better understand its context.
The incident he refers to occurred in 1791 and Haiti gained their Independence in 1805 so their 200-year-old curse would have ended in 1991 or 2004.  How convenient a line of thinking that a black nation could only emerge from a satanic pact.  I’ll tell you what cursed Haiti, they went head to head with one of the superpowers of their times FRANCE and with a rumor swirling around that they are in league with the devil no wonder they haven’t been able to catch a break since.
“Mess with France by helping you?  Sure!  Oh wait, mess with France and the Devil?  Oops… my calendar is full… yeah for the next couple hundred years… I know total bummer… Best of luck!  Toodles!”
I apologize.  I generally  try to keep my own political feelings to myself and out of this blog space, but this is something I feel the need to say.  I will probably remove it in a few days time, so I ask for your patience if you disagree with me.
I realize there are those out there who agree with that person, if this becomes an issue I will close my comments section.  This is not a subject up for debate on this particular blog, if you wish to disprove me or argue for Mr. Robertson I respectfully ask that you go somewhere else to do so, you’re not going to change my mind about him.