Thank you, my family and friends for allowing my tirade against Mr. Robertson yesterday.  Thank you for those who spoke up in agreement with my point of view and thank you to any of those who disagreed with me but still respected my wishes not to turn the comments section into a debate room.  I continue to encourage anyone whether they consider themselves Christian or not to speak up whenever they get the chance against people like Mr. Robertson as mis-representing this religion.  There is much more I could say about this, but as I said I try to keep certain aspects of my political/religious feelings out of this space and I will continue to do so.  My husband has gotten the brunt of the exact, uncensored version of my feelings toward Mr. Robertson and that’s the way it will stay.

My blog will return to normal soon, but for now I will draw your attention to a few people who are or will be doing works to help the people of Haiti in the future.

Ree over at Pioneer Woman is doing a drawing to give away $500 dollars to two charities, chosen by the winners of the drawing.  I put my name in for Doctors without Borders.  She is also giving 10 cents for every entry on that blog post.  Thank you, Ree.

Amanda over at Soulemama is already planning ways to get her Mama to Mama program running again to donate items to Haiti in the future (her baby hat project was incredibly successful a few years ago).

The Ladies at CraftHope are setting up an Etsy store where anyone can post items to be sold with all proceeds going to Doctors without Borders.  If you can’t donate a handmade item to be sold, please consider purchasing an item.

If you are inclined consider to try to lobby your state governments to continue to suspend sending illegal Haitians back to Haiti, the President decreed that there is a temporary hold, but I feel this should last for at least the rest of the year.

Keep you eyes and ears open for those who were in the process of adopting children from Haiti, the Haitian government will not be in a way to go through with these adoptions and they might need the U.S. government/U.S. embassies help to finalize this process.  Also, if you’ve ever considered adoption, keep in mind that there are now hundreds if not thousands of new orphans in Haiti due to this catastrophe.

Even if you are in a position to financially support a charity or even if you can no longer bear to see the reports on the news – continue to pray.

Thank you.

I will be back in another day or so with my previously scheduled posts.