This is a marriage moment brought to you by the letter W and the color Purple.

The other day I went on a cleaning rampage.  The last of the holiday decorations finally got taken down, more pictures finally made it up on the walls, art work too!  Books also got rearranged because I was tired of having our DVD collection spilling out on the floor as the DVD holder we bought last year has ceased to contain more than half of our collection.  On to the bottom self of the near by bookcase went the extra movies that didn’t merit a place on the DVD shelves-proper.  These  lowly pieces of cinematic entertainment were my “girl-movies” and a good selection of what has joined our que in the last year.  I arranged them nicely in and organized fashion and waited for Ben to get home so I could show all my progress for the day.  If you think I had my makeup done, a fresh starched dress on and greeted him with a fresh from the oven plate of cookies  and a “how was your day dear?” you’ve got another thing coming.  Nope in all my dust covered, sweaty from moving furniture glory I asked him to pick up a pizza and greeted him with a “Look at everything I’ve done!”

The pizza went in the oven and the nights entertainment had already been chosen for a nice night at home.  That’s when I took him over to show him the DVD’s that were no longer on the floor.

“Hm,”  he says.  “That’s good, but with a little work we could have this organzied.”

Organizing our DVD’s is not an easy feat.  It is not done alphabetically or by color nope it’s done by major theme/genre.  So instead of sitting down to our pizza and Big Bang Theory we sat on the floor idlely munching on pizza for a half our testing our brains with conundrums like

“Should The Incredibles go with the animated, comedy or superhero genre?”  – It became the bridge between the comedy and superhero sections.  Oh yes, the movies aren’t just arranged based on group each group is supposed to move seamlessly into the next group. Example one shelf is arranged thus:

Historical Fiction Section

Bridge Movie: Newsies

Musical Section

Bridge Movie: Labyrnth

Fantasy- General

Bridge Movie: The 10th Kingdom

Fantasy – Based on Books and Stories

Bridge Movie: Enchanted


and this how married people spend their time…. wow….

p.s. my “girl-movies” are still banished to the bookcase…. but now so is his kung-fu section 😉