I don’t know if it’s because I have a natural ability to look on the bright side to begin with or if I’m just blessed with a quick turn around time on moods like Saturdays, but they never really last long.

This weekend was filled with some great times.

A four-hour long dinner date with our favorite local couple.  You know the kind, where the conversations last forever and just flow seamlessly until you’ve lost track of the time completely.

Coming home at almost 1 a.m. to sit down and start reading the new books I picked up that day.

Brunch with friends.

A lazy afternoon of napping and more reading.

And then a very lovely and swoon worth first run-through of my favorite regency period love story that will be my first show of the season.

And back home for dinner and more reading!

I had many reminders that countered everything else.  Knowledge that we will travel someday and that it’s okay that we haven’t yet.  That even without ivy-league degrees we are well spoken, intelligent people who have achieved quite a lot in the less than four years of being out of school.  In fact today I feel rather proud that what others have achieved with the help of famous connections and well-known programs I have achieved just through determination and hard work.  That most of those things that I want are attainable, and that there is a reason to why I can’t have everything right now.

The comments from everyone were a great boon as well; it is really nice to know that we all have those times.