Valentines Day is slowly approaching.

The stores are up to the eyeballs in tacky pinks and reds and mediocre declarations of  ankle-deep emotions.

I don’t like mushy stuff.

I just don’t get it myself.

I like sentimental.

I adore romance.

I love heartfelt.

But I don’t like mushy.

But this makes me tear up a little bit.

*The Molly Dictionary’s Definition of Mushy –
Mushy – adj.
1. Overly sentimental or emotional
2. Anything that requires a person to use language or terms of endearment on an adult romantic partner that would better suit ones pet or new-born child.
3.  Excessive declaration of ones feelings to the extent that the listener has reason to doubt your true convictions in the matter.
4. Any real life moment so choreographed that if it a pop love ballad (sung by any number of sopranos who shouldn’t be sopranos)  was playing it would net James Cameron another trillion dollars.
5.  Any declaration of feeling, written, verbal or in the form of a gift, so generic that it could easily be bestowed on a new romantic interest by only changing the name of the addressee.
Also see : Mawkish, sappy, maudlin and schmaltzy

** I’m a true romantic at heart, please don’t think of me as cold and heartless.  I love ‘love’ and fawn over the romances and happy endings.  I just prefer my love-stories to be a little more straight forward and realistic.**