One day I will be able to post regularly again but for now here’s a sampling of whats been going on:

  • On Monday my family was witness to the cycle of life, a cycle ended and another began.  Always a mix of emotions.
  • Ben was a darling for Valentines Day.  I had a bag full of Jelly Beans, flowers (wooden ones, that won’t die my husband was excited to point out!) and a load of clean dishes.
  • I was late on the Valentines Train and got him his card and present the next day.
  • We saw “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief” on V-day.  I helped a  lost child find his parents right a the climax of the movie.
  • Work is same old same old, except that to even out my hours right now I’m jobbed out to “The Shop” for a good part of the week.  Hopefully this will mean employment during the winter this year if I can impress enough people.
  • We worked out a few more details in “The Plan”, hopefully to be implemented in July 2011.
  • We are already getting excited about July 2011 being filled with traveling adventures as we make our way back east.
  • I’m looking forward to March… a lot.  It’s the month of both our birthdays, the month I will decide if I’m starting to take classes in prep for going back to school and the month the concerts for the Britt Festival will be announced!

See you soon… I hope…