When I leave this place I will miss the little bit of glamor it brings to my life.  The past few days were part of “Opening Weekend”.  While I did spend the evening of the first show rapped up on my couch reading “1776” Saturday was opening my first show of the season.  One of the highlights from the evening included my asst. stage manager and new friend deciding I needed a nickname and spent the rest of the night calling me “Mo Dubs”… it even has it’s own “gangsta” sign to make and what really made the night was just how proud he was of it.  Champagne toasts and drinks afterward at the “theatre bar” rounded out the evening

But all this aside Sunday is what I’ll miss the most, the Opening Night party.  Always hosted at a fancy restaurant in town, free food, good drinks, dancing and a reason to look amazing.  I dressed up in what I was calling my Nautical Mad Men look (cream blouse, navy/cream striped pencil skirt and red heels) and have to say  I was look quite good.  I dance for hours like a mad man too.  The best for the afore mentioned asst. stage manager and I deciding to dance most of the night like we were at a bad wedding i.e. it didn’t matter how “white” we looked as long as we were busting out the moves.  As a personal growth kind of moment I actually didn’t spend most of my night with my usually group of friends, though we did all meet for drinks before hand.  I decided to let loose a little this year, as I’ve been afraid I’ve been becoming one of those “old married girls”, and really tried to strike out and socialize with some of the company I might normally be a little shy of, and it worked to my amazement.  The best of it was coming home tired, sober (an achievement for many on the opening party) and with aching feet (from dancing in four inch stiletto heels), but with a sense that I had really been myself all night and gotten a wonderful reaction to it.

It was a good night.