Oh lordy, I thought this moment would never come in my educational history… the GRE.  And I’m here to admit, it terrifies me.

I’ve been a student of the arts all the through college.  I got away with only taking the ACT’s because none of the schools that were available absolutely needed the SAT’s and really, I wasn’t going to be judged on my test taking ability.  But here I am up against the standardized testing monster, I have to take this test this time around.

I tried out grad school before, and since it was going to be an MFA in Costume Design the GRE was not necessary, but that changes when you’re going into something like Education or History or both.

Something about this test looming in my future has me scared.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never liked standardized tests or because I haven’t had to take anything hard that a driver’s license test in the last four years.  However, I do know one thing I’d rather write a thesis or take my Graduate Cumulative Final (yay history!) than take the GRE.

God save me from standardized testing.