Ugg… ever have one of those days where you want to run up to people and smack some sense into them?  I’m currently having one of these days and all it has to do with is stuff.  That’s right stuff.

Now I will admit I try to maintain my “Simple Living” values as much as possible when it comes to stuff, but we do slip through the cracks every now and then.  We have a nice sized dvd collection, and an ever grow book collection (we need another bookcase kind of growing).  Since we’ve moved to Oregon we’ve been trying to upgrade our furniture and also our clothing and some general housewares kind of thing.  However, this is all comes with qualifiers.  One, we’re homebodies and those dvd’s and books get used repeatedly, a rarely a book or movie comes into the house that will not be enjoyed by both of us.  We’ve been focusing on getting better furniture because, well we’d like to get to a point where we’ve got every thing we need and it doesn’t fall apart in a couple years.  The same thing goes with clothing, we’ve been focusing on get ourselves a nice, quality and versatile wardrobe so that we (I mainly) don’t feel the need to shop all the time to replace cheap, trendy pieces.  Though our material possession have grown a little in quantity over the past year, the focus has still remained on quality over quantity and getting things we need before thinking about things we want.

This being said, and my consumerism justified a little, I want to say “I HATE STUFF”.  I hate the idea of my home being filled with stuff; stuff that I might or might not ever use or enjoy just because I decided on a whim that I needed it.  I get no joy from the idea of closet bursting with clothes (though I do enjoy being moderately fashionable) or having a million gadgets to do some simple, mundane task.  To this point, I clean out my house about every 4-5 months and still manage to take a box or so of things that have turned into stuff to the Goodwill.  Even though I craft I try my hardest to keep that collection to minimum and routinely give away or trade items or projects that will never be used or finished.  Though I loved working on my Pyrex collection over the last couple of years I no longer collect it because I have a fairly complete matching set of bowls and containers that I use and don’t want a collection of stuff, just so I can have a collection of stuff.

Why has this been bugging me?  Why do I feel the need to rant about it?  Because I’m fed up with some people I know and their love of stuff.  I’m currently surrounded by wedding and baby registries that are filled to the brim with “Wants” and rather lacking in the “Need” categories.  Now please correct me if I’m wrong but what new couple needs five options of shower curtains?  What newborn needs stacks of clothes or multiple choices for diaper bags?  Heck, what newborn needs brand-new everything?  In my mind it’s just all stuff and I have trouble justifying it all.

Okay… rant over… I hope…