Oh Facebook, I love you but you cause me a lot of strife.  When big, potentially life change things happen in the world you are too quick to remind me that I know too many people who don’t care, care too much and/or are unwilling or unable to consider others… and I must keep my mouth shut.  I love the variety in my friends and acquaintances, and the variety of their opinions and experiences, but when are people going to learn that if you state your opinion in a harsh and rigid way on a public forum, you have to be ready for the backlash and you should be aware that you might be offending someone you care about and that if you aren’t prepared to defend your point a cogent argument than perhaps this isn’t the best place to state that opinion.  Of course to me Facebook is only a way to keep up to date with friends and family who live far away and attempt to make clever status updates on a regular basis, I long ago decided that I would try my best not use it to spout my own ideologies, because it is an incredibly flawed medium in which to do so.

That being said, and sense this my (relatively) private piece of the internet I wish to briefly express my opinion here as I can more closely control who reads this and the comments I receive.  As I’ve stated before when I’ve discussed anything political, this is not a political forum and I will delete or close the comments section if I feel the need to.  If you wish to have a nice, logical discussion over something I encourage you to email me.  I’m always up for a good discussion.

I’m pleased with this Sundays results for a few simple reasons. 1) I see it as a way of potentially helping people like me (or at least me in the last 5 years): a fully employed, but completely uninsured person struggling to make a living, but making slightly more than poverty level income.  And helping people who are not like me and worse off receive basic care. 2) That the government was willing to give and take on certain subjects that were very important to the people.

Now, is it perfect?  No, and any one would be a fool to try and argue that and I hope that we continue to work at this issue to make it better.  Is it going to help everyone or make everyone happy?  No, but you’d also be a fool to think that we can make our multi-billion number population happy all the time.  Is it going to work?  Who knows, it’s worked in other countries, but those countries have been more receptive to the idea.  However, it’s movement and I’d rather some sort of movement than more years of filibuster induced static.

Also, for my bookclub ladies, I’d like to state here – Will the ladies of NOW please shut up?  You do not speak for every woman in the country who considers herself a feminist and on the “Choice” side of that argument.  Just because we support choice, does not mean we encourage it to be the only choice or even think it best choice in most cases ( I myself only support it in the most extreme of medical cases and not as a way to shirk sexual responsibility).  Once again, if you’d like to know more or argue a point on this I encourage you contact me via email.

*Later in the day note – In order to lower my blood pressure I’ve taken the step to blocking the “feeds” of some people I know, because it’s just gotten to be too much – their lives and opinions just cause me stress*

*P.S. – Lawyer-friend-girl in California, that doesn’t include you – We don’t agree on a lot politics-wise, but you’re intelligent in what you write and share*