It’s going to get busy and quickly.  Even though I’m working a full time job and attempting to help keep my house in order, I’m off course taking on a lot in the next couple of months.  In a few weeks I put up another show (which means two weeks of 50+ hour workweeks) I’ve been getting at least one extra workshop a week through my theatres education department, and am going to ask about more training to do prologues as well.  I’m still mentoring my high school student.  I’m studying for the GRE’s and as of May I’ll be taking classes again.  Well, a class; even though it’d be great to be considered a part time student and get a break on my loans I’ve realized doing all of the above and two history classes just isn’t feasible or healthy.

Hopefully Ben and I will be able to have a few adventures now that the weather has warmed up, so that this blog will have some content again!

P.S. I’ve been good about holding my tongue with those who’re on the different side of the health care debate than myself whether on blogs or on FB.  If you’ve posted something, I’ve probably read it, but have respectfully declined from commenting at this point — this is a big step for me, a person who usually blurts out her opinion without much thought.  Also, blocking certain people from my news feed has helped a lot too.