It seems like everyone has houses on the brain right now, myself included.  Of course I always have houses on the brain, it comes from 5 years of living in apartments, dorms, other people’s homes and places most other people thought were abandoned.  I want something of my own, and I mean really want it.

However, I’m not getting it any time in the near future.

Why am I currently resigned to my house-less fate?

Well for starters – one word… moving.  We’re going to still be moving a lot in the foreseeable  future.  Moving back to the home-state, moving to another city once I’m done with school for his school, moving to another city for work after that, etc, etc, etc. and with those kind of time tables, renting is a whole heck of a lot cheaper.  In fact renting is, at the moment, allowing us to living nicely, but slightly under our means to pay off bills and save money.

Another part is because of too many of my friends.  I know too many people right now who bought houses within a year or so of getting married, had the bottom drop out of their job markets, loose their jobs, decide on a new career path which meant more school in an area hundreds of miles away from their current homes.  They are currently trying to sell these homes and find it difficult if not almost impossible.  Seriously… facebook is currently a constant reminder of this.

Also the less obvious friend side.  Too many friends getting married, buying homes and while not falling into the above category still leaving the rest of us to scratch our heads.  We’ve done our research in our own desire to live in a proper house.  We know what those kind of neighborhoods, in those kinds of cities, with those kinds of amenities, square footage, etc. should cost and the numbers don’t seem to add up well in my books.  I believe the advice is don’t buy a home that costs more than 3x your gross annual salary.

But the main thing I see is that we confuse living in a house with owning a house.  Not having a home of my own is not going to mean that I can’t live in a house.  When we move back to a place with a slightly lower standard of living, living in an actual house/duplex/etc. of some kind will actually be a reality.  Sure it won’t be ours to do whatever we choose with, but we won’t be sharing 3 + walls with other people, and we might even have a bit of yard. In our desire to get out of apartment complexes I think too many people miss what can be a helpful step.

So for now I decorate that dream home in my head and focus on more attainable goals like in house washer/dryers, perhaps dishwasher and not having 30+ immediate neighbors.