The bad thing about having a master plan like “The Plan” is that it distorts your perception of time, badly.  There are some days where I wonder if we’ll be able to do everything we want to do before leaving and there are others where the big move still seems eons away.

However, that being said it’s lovely to know about the time we have.  We know we have a limited amount of time to see so much that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, so there’s no reason to say “Maybe next time” when an opportunity arises.  And there’s copious amounts of time to research what we need to do for the move back.  We can research and compare moving options, I’ve already started to looking to property management in Iowa in my down time (just to know what our options are).  It also puts in perspective what we do on a day-to-day basis here; purchases are already being thought of in the long-term with questions like “Are we just going to get rid of it?” or “Is it worth it to move it cross-country?” and those kinds of questions aren’t hurting the budget since we feel like our home is currently well stocked in furniture and decorated, there’s little need to get much more while were here.

It’s also easier to let some of the more annoying bits of my job roll off my back when I think, “Well, I won’t actually be here much longer” or in moments of desperation “This is why I’m going into a new field”.

I can’t wait to see what we do with our time in the next year or so.