If you have any friends or relatives who live alone, please, I’m begging you.  Buy them a CO2 detector and check on them regularly.  If they don’t pick up the phone, check on them physically.  If they are sick and can’t figure out why, take them to the hospital even if they say “let’s wait another day to see if it clears up”.  Specifically if they suddenly find themselves having concentration or sudden memory problems.

Why am I asking this?

A woman I work with came within a few hours of succumbing to CO2 poisoning yesterday, if her friends had waited even an hour or two more to check on her she would have been in a coma and probably died.  She had been complaining of strange symptoms all week, concentration and memory problems and stayed at home yesterday in the hopes of feeling better.  Because of this we suspect she had a gas leak in her home for days.  They told us on the scale that measure CO2 in a building, 1600 is the max and her apartment was at 1500.  She is in the hospital in a hyperbaric chamber as they work to get everything out of her blood stream.  The last I heard she was awake and talking, but they’ve warned us that because of the extreme nature of the poisoning, and how close she came to a coma there might be long-term memory problems that can still arise.

We miss her and have her in our prayers, but please do what her friends did and be just a little more vigilante of your friends and relations who live alone.   HERE is a list of CO2 poisoning symptoms.