Last night was the party the scene shop hosts for the whole company, it was also opening night for the show that’s been exhausting me both physically and mentally.  The theme was space.  I went as a “Red Shirt” – you know the one nameless guy who gets sent down to the planet with Kirk, Bones and Sulu never to return.  The girls convinced me to sass up the costume a little so they did my hair, I put some makeup on, pulled out the boots and made myself a black skirt in about an hour.  I think it turned out quite well.

That’s my “phaser burn” on my shirt, I even made the Star Trek pin/button that afternoon too.

My best “Captain there’s an incoming transmission” pose.  Also a reminder that I need to get a tan.

Since the theme was Space, we had a lot of Trekkies use it as a reason to wear their uniforms and I got complimented on my costume because it went with a star trek theme, but was not a Trekkie.