Yeah but all seriousness Math and I had a fight when I was about 10 and we never patched things up….  I worked hard to prove myself with Math, even reaching Pre-Calc II (an achievement for someone who’s 6th grade teacher wanted to hold her back because she had memorized the entire multiplication table perfectly – don’t ask me the multiples of 6, 7, 8 it’s never sunken in).  But, Math – that fickle lady- never made it easy or truly accepted me.

So here I am reviewing Algebra and Geometry and I still find myself asking the same questions I did over 10 years ago….

Who the heck (who is not a mathematician, math teacher or scientist of some kind) has ever had to use to square roots, exponents, factorials or solved for a quadratic equation in their normal day to day lives?

No one… I’m certain of it.

Even though I’m bitter that I’m back tempting my fate with Math again I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how much is still familiar and…

at least it’s not Trig.