On Tuesday did I –
A. Get to sleep in?
B. Go to work in a good mood?
C. Deal with perpetually grumpy co-worker who could pretend to offer congratulations on the amount of work I did on Monday?
D. Complete the Pants Project with time to spare?
E. Do all the rest of the notes and prep for the show on my own?
F. Find out the stuff staining my costumes red from the table clothes is spray paint?
G. Be told there is no immediate way to fix F?
H. Give The Pants to actor
I. Have Assistant Stage Manager friend come back to me a half hour later (and a half hour before the show started) with them in a ball in his hand to tell me the new pair had ripped and were also unusable?
J. Get really quiet and ask friend to leave the room?
K. Throw said pants across the room?
L. Cry?
M. Quick rig something up so the actors could do a part of the lobster gag?
N. Get through the rest of the night?
O. Decide tomorrow will be better
P. All of the above + received lots of hugs and thanks for the work I did do, even though it kind of came to nothing…

Yup…. the Answer is P.

As I said to Ben “At least when I’m a teacher and a kid splits their pants it won’t be my job to fix them….”