Thank for sticking by me as I complained ad-nauseum last week.  It really was a doozy of a week and I’m quite glad that it is over and I can start again.

I wish I could say I looked like this all week, but this was the day before the “Drag Comment”

Most of the week I felt more like this.

P.S. Can I have a vote on the new bangs? – I’m digging them and think it’ll look better as the rest of the hair (in a small ponytail finishes growing out)

I wish I could post a bunch of great pictures of our adventure today, but we decided Sunday morning not to go adventuring.  We really just needed a day at home to re-charge.  Though it was less adventurous than I planned we did get a lot of cleaning done, a huge pile of laundry cleaned and both our closest cleaned (and a pile of stuff for the Goodwill) and capped off the night with a good home-cooked meal and a nice movie.

The result of some closest purging/organizing – you’re looking at all of my clothes save my underthings and pants.

Ben’s new (very snug) corner of the room

The impetus for most of the cleaning and laundry was a new piece of furniture.  I stopped at random consignment store today and found the final piece of furniture we’ve been look for for months, a high-boy dresser for our bed room.  We finally threw out Ben’s old plastic stack drawers and even found him a nightstand.  We are officially free of all our old college student furniture and have a nice collection of really furniture, most of it bought slowly second hand.  Nothing matches, but in that lovely, eclectic way.

The newest member of the bedroom – apologies not fully organized/decorated yet.

Onward to the new week!