Thank you for all your opinions about the “Why College?” issue.  I want to expand on it more, and open the issue up further for more discussion in the next few days (I just have to get through my last 12 hour day of this week tomorrow).  In additions to posts about life in general for the sake of my long distance friends and family I’d like to use this space more as a sounding board for issues like this, particularly education related, as I get ready to go back to school in the next year.  Even though my following is small I’d love to hear if there’s anything you’d be interested in me posting about for discussion or issues you think are important for a future teacher to have an opinion on.

I’d like to continue on with the college discussion a little more, but I think I’d also like to talk about the public school system a little bit as well as I try to develop my opinions on what I think it should be.

So feel free to throw out some ideas.