I have a small nuclear extended family (still living).

I have a mother, father, 2 grandmothers , grandfather, one maternal aunt, her husband, one paternal uncle and one first cousin.

That is 9 people who I’d love to be able to say do their best to keep track of my rather uneventful life.

I would like to congratulate my mother, father, 1 grandmother and grandfather for being the only part of my small nuclear family to remember that it was my 2 wedding anniversary on Monday on their own.

That’s 4/9.


I mean I know 2 years isn’t THAT big of a deal, but I’m damn proud of it.

Yes, seriously.

I beginning to think the other 5 are resentful for having lost the “How Long Are They Going to Make It?” bet.

I’m hoping to eat my words by Friday when perhaps one more card or belated phone call will reach me.