Haven’t done these in a while so let’s see if I can come up with 7 things!

1.  Thank you everyone for listening/reading to my whining this week.  It’s been surprisingly rough, but I feel my naturally happy self come back.  =)

2.  Happy Memorial Day weekend and holiday!  Even if it’s not a big deal for you take a moment to reflect on why we have this holiday.

3. After a few too many weeks feeling a little left out of social goings on this Monday (my weekend) is looking likes it’s filling up quickly!  Movies, backyard parties and an excursion to the best BBQ in the Valley.

4.  Speaking of BBQ last week me and a bunch girlfriends from work decided that we wanted our own fraternity at work, and we came up with Beta Beta Q, or BBQ – our meat centered fraternity AND we all have funny nicknames now… mine is Baby Back.To support diversity Beta Beta Q also proudly welcomed it’s first vegetarian member to show that we are not “meat”-ist.

5. Sometime in the next week the temperature is supposed to reach 70.  This could be exciting seeing as it’s had a hard time getting over 55 this month.

6.  I have finally started making things with my fabric stash, so far 1 shirt and two skirts that I actually love!  One skirt actually has gotten rave reviews by everyone who’s seen it.  Pictures  to follow soon.  Also on the list one more skirt and two Anthropology knock-off shirts =)  Oh yeah did I mention that the grand totally spent on making those 3 items so far is somewhere around $10 dollars total – though it does help that I can often score some awesome free leftover fabric from work =D

7.  Since I’ve been on an updating my closest rampage this month I thought I’d share with you some sites I’ve been really digging, particularly those I’ve found that focus on either modest style or a smart women can care to look nice slant.