I know I often rant about my hatred of social medias like Facebook, etc., but there is one form that I really like… well most of the time.

The Text Message.

A great little form of instant media that helps us share little bits of information, check up on people or just pass on a funny joke that doesn’t quite merit an interruption of your friend or loved ones work day.  Of course I’m still guilty of interrupting many work days… but who doesn’t love an interruption to their work day?  Really?

Of course, I don’t love the little phone application when people are glued to them during dinners, or even at work – really put the darn thing away, it can’t be that important of  a conversation.  And I often find myself wanting to karate chop people in the back of the head in movie theatres when the little screens light up and distract my attention.

However, I do love that I can send a message to a friend or coworker out of concern without them feeling obligated to talk back immediately or without drawing the attention of those around you.  I can roll my eyes to a friend across the table without actually rolling my eyes…”Really, did she just say that?”.  I can stay in touch with people who hate phones and don’t really care for computers.

I also love that it gives those around me who are good with direct confrontation a way to express themselves.  I love my Dad, he’s been through a lot and sometimes because the things in his past it’s easier for him to choose distance over close attention for many reasons.  It’s often hard for him to express his feelings through words, but he can often do it well in a written way.

So after this last week, with a lot of ups and downs I get a text message as I am about to start work last night.  It’s from my Dad and all it says is

“You can count on me, love dad”

And I know I can.  He might not have been able to say it to me directly, but I know however it gets expressed he means it.

I just hope he didn’t write it in the movie theatre.