1.  I’m still here, still alive.  This month has been crazy, but in the everything and nothing is happening all at once so there’s not much to talk about.

2. We did it!  We paid off the last of the extraneous bills this week!  We only have our car and student loans to pay on and have a good chunk of money to put into savings now!  In October we had a credit card bill, one extraneous loan and a car payment, and we’ve payed off almost 50% of that debt in 8 months!

3.  We were going to try and pay off the car by the end of the year, but it looks like we might be speeding up our return to the mid-west and want to save as much as possible.

4.  It has been 25 days since I’ve had a Dr. Pepper.

5.  It’s starting to get warm here in Southern Oregon, that makes me sad.  I hate hot weather.  I would rather be surrounded by a foot of snow than a thermometer that climbs anywhere over 90 degree.  We might have to break down and finally get a window air-conditioner.

6. Because of the steadily rising temperatures I keep day dreaming about the colder weather holidays, my favorite time of year and this year we might actually get to spend it with our families.

7.  The Last Airbender comes out next Thursday and I can’t wait, I’ve been waiting for this movie for two years!  Go here to see it’s trailer,  so excited!