Finally… after months of study I finally bucked up and took the darn thing yesterday.  I’m still waiting on my essay score (keep your fingers crossed) but I got a 1270 on my quant/verbal combined score, which should be more than acceptable to get into my program and hopefully might put me in the running for a scholarship.

All in all I’m happy so far, I was aiming for a 1300 but had a doozey of a verbal section.  I got three reading comprehension sections that were fairly dense and took more of my 30 mins. than I expected, making me rush the last 6 questions or so.  But surprisingly the math section went really well and made up for the average verbal section.

But that is over, all I have to do is locate my three letters of reference, write a short essay and get the rest of the paper work in order I should be all submitted sometime this winter, well before baby is due.  Strangely enough the baby and grad school stuff are both currently due on the same day.

I’m officially into week 14 and things seem to be getting better slowly, though I still have a limited interest in food and still getting sick a few days a week.  Whether its a good or bad thing it’s definitely making me reconsider how many times I want to go through this in my life, not that I always wanted a big family anyways, but this currently is not the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever gone through in my life though I know the end result will be worth it.