We’re moving!  Not in a year, not in six months, not even in 2 months… but in 3 weeks back to the midwest.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, 2 weeks ago you could have found me curled up with my cat in a dry bathtub bawling my eyes out because the future was so unsure, and 2 hours later we had an answer and a moving date.  Ben’s work could transfer him to his own store as a manager if he can be there by mid-September, if not we were going to be on our own 2000 miles away from the nearest family as we went through this big life change, which kudos to those who have done it, but the thought scared us terribly.  Particularly because my contract would be up in October and Oregon has a terrible unemployment rate right now, so future prospects for work looked really grim.

So the notice has been given to the landlord and employers, and today I need to swing by the power and internet places.  Change of address has been submitted and one of two yard sales has been completed (v. successfully).   I’m sad that I have to leave my job so early, but it’s for the best.  We’ll be moved in with my folks for the time being before I get huge and uncomfortable, and yet it’s still early enough that I might be able to find a new job in our new area.

As for the moving part, dang we’re efficient having done this many times, but I’m getting ready to not be moving much more in the future.  Though on the bright-side I’ve been using this as a great reason to purge my house of un-necessaries.  If I haven’t worn it or probably won’t wear it for the next year, it’s gone.  Piles of crafting stuff for “when I get the time”, gone.  Extra nick-nacks, dishes, books, tons of stuff, gone.  We’ve even decided to sell our TV!  (one it’s huge and the dvd player is getting old, but we only use it to watch movies and it’s just not necessary right now, which I’m so proud of!)  I’m even getting rid of stuff that I couldn’t part with on our move out here… what can I say we were dirt poor and I apparently tried to hold on to as much of my “stuff” as I could so that I didn’t feel poor constantly, but this time it feels different.

Right now on our packing list for furniture is only Bed, 2 night stands, 2 dressers, 3 bookcases, the 2 heavy duty metal shelves, a rather large computer desk kitchen table and chairs and then the various boxes of stuff (which is already more mangable than last time!)

So far all the closets are cleaned out, bathroom sorted and most of the assorted “junk piles” gone through and we’ve still got almost a full 3 weeks left.  So like I said, our life has gone into overdrive right now, but we’re seeing lots of light at the end of the tunnel.  =)