We have arrived!  After 5 days in a U-haul we made it back cross-country.  There may have been cheering at various points in the trip, such as

  • getting through the mountains in California
  • making it through Nevada … I hope never to see Nevada again in my life time
  • making it through the mountains of Utah/Western Wyoming
  • making it through the wind of Wyoming in general
  • the end of Nebraska
  • Crossing the bridge into Council Bluffs and seeing the “Iowa Welcomes You Sign”
  • Making it through the storm in most of Iowa

I think our days of cross-country moving have come to an end.  Ben started in his new store today while Mom and I enjoyed a little bonding time.  Tomorrow we have help coming to unload our Uhaul and then we can start making my folks’ basement feel a little more like home.  I’ve got an interview on Monday and some other job-finding related work to do.  Also my first appointment at the new Ob-gyn.

I’m glad we made this decision, even if it will take a little while to settle into this new, not so private life.