2nd ultrasound today!  Everything looked perfect!  We were holding our breath a little because we chose to forgo a lot of tests (in the vein of 1) we aren’t high or even seemingly at risk for much if anything 2) other than doing some extra reading the tests wouldn’t change our minds about what’s going to happen), but we’ve got hands, feet, heart, kidneys, bladder, etc. all in the right places and looking healthy and strong!

It also bumped up the due date by a week, instead of the 19 weeks I thought I was at we’re at a firm 20 as of today.  So I gave myself a pat on the back for surviving the first half and the sickness seems to be going away almost completely (knock on wood!).

It also confirmed what Ben seemed to know on June 1st, what the ring test told us last night and roughly 90% of our friends and relatives guessed… I’m really not kidding it was almost unanimous!

It’s going to be spaceships and dinosaurs (and maybe dinosaurs in spaceships) for our little family because….

It’s a BOY!

We wanted a boy, we feel ready for a boy and it’s feels great to have a gender to refer to finally… though I have to admit everyone got to me and I’ve been referring to it as “him” for about a month.