I should be at 21 weeks on Friday… still not much to show for it.  However the ultrasound told us he’s rather stretched out and still resting below/at my bellybutton.

Things are going well here.  I start some work tomorrow, which I have to keep reminding myself is a good thing, better this job at it’s rather menial pay rate than nothing at all and hopefully something better will come along soon.  Sadly, it’s easy to get frustrated when you keep getting turned down because you have the nerve to have a college education, etc.

Oh well, gotta have a little faith and try not to stress out too much and keep applying for everything I can get my hands on.

On a fun note, we’ve finally started getting things for the baby, which I have to admit is rather fun.  We’re blessed with a great consignment shop near by and have already made some good scores, including a Boppy pillow and cover for $9 and a Diaper bag, apparently a boutique-ish brand that runs about $70-80, for another $9.  We have a nice little stack of clothes and blankets started, pretty much all from the consignment shop, and have quite a few things that still had their original tags on.

I have to admit, I think I’m having more fun picking out things that are space and dinosaur themed.

Mom and I have started planning a few things that we’ll be making instead of buying over the winter months, including a quilt, crib bumper, some knit items and perhaps a few toys.