So everyone divides up the trimesters differently, but according to the book I’ve been following week 23 is the start of 6th month, which is coming up on friday.  Things are starting to even out and get a little easier.  Morning sickness (knock on wood) has been gone for about 1-2 weeks… finally!  And I have a job that’s keeping me moving 8 hours a days, so I’m not to worried about being too sedentary.  Still looking for better work and trying to figure out life in the respect.  I know everyone says to just relax and let what ever happens, happen, but that’s easier said than done when you’re trying to figure out how to afford to feed and clothe a new human being in the near future.

Ben got his first chance to feel kicks the other night, and the little boy is proving to be rather nocturnal at the moment, just like Ben.

Other than that nothing too exciting is going on, just trying to take things a day at a time.

He’s still sitting low and snug at almost 23 weeks.