I don’t know if anyone follows this thing anymore, I’ve been gone so long.   So here I am (and the hubs too at Christmas).  All three of us are doing well and settling down to enjoy the next few weeks and prepare for the coming months/years.

(I’m about 34 weeks along here, 37 weeks is next Tuesday!)

I could write a book on everything that has happened in the last couple months since our move back to the midwest.  Let me say it has not all been easy (a natural disposition toward anxiety + pregnancy hormones + major life changes = the perfect molotov cocktail of ante-partum depression), but we’ve found many of the hidden blessings including a new job for Ben and some much needed soul searching for me.  Life is still not where I’d love it to be right now (in that perfect world I want), but as my mother keeps reminding me it will all fall into place when it is supposed to.  As I’ve tried to repeat to myself, though this last year has been rough, if this is the worst God ever puts me through I am a fortunate woman.