In the middle of my baby blues the best thing I could find to do was anything that made me feel productive and useful.  Pardon the not so great pictures, hopefully I will get better shots of these things in use.

Of course I knit.

One sweater for a little winter baby (sans buttons that I cannot find right now)

And one sweater for a slightly bigger baby who might need an extra layer in the spring.

And the Robot.

Having seen the new trend of “Tactile Blankets” (baby blankets with different ribbons attached to engaging a babies interest and sensory development) I liked the idea but have to admit that the professional seamstress in me got the best of my Etsy searches and I declared everything I saw either too ugly to live or crudely made or (usually) a combination of both.  I also wanted to make a toy, so I combined the two and this is what came to be.  He’s a hand and machine stitched, wool- felt robot toy with various ribbons for arms, legs and antennae.  I’m pretty pleased with him, though I found the hardest thing about a robot toy is not making the face look frightening.