Thank you for coming over and reading my little blog.

Here are a few important facts about yours truly.

1.  The best way I’ve ever been described is “Short, but Very Determined.”

2. The worst way I’ve ever been described is “Compact”.

3. I have a horrible/wonderful addiction to Dr. Pepper.

4. I currently work in the Theatre, but am considering going back to school to get another degree.

5. This will probably be some sort of Masters program and not related to Theatre.  It will probably have something to do with Education.

6.  This is slightly amusing because I’m not a fan of the public school system.

7.  This all started when I was in 3rd grade I moved to a new school and the school librarian told me that I could check out “The Fellowship of the Ring” because there was no way I could understand it.   Later that year I test at a Junior High Level Reading Comprehension.

8.  It also took this new school an entire school year to catch up to where I had previously been academically.  Needless to say it was a boring year and I got into some trouble.

9.  I don’t want to give up Theatre, just have something else fulfilling that I can do.

10. I’m in the middle of a pseudo religious “transformative” time.  Stay tuned to see what I decide to become!

11.  I grew up in Iowa, while I know the place isn’t that exciting, I compare everywhere I go to it because I love it there.

12.  I currently live in Oregon.  If I can’t be in Iowa I’ll take Oregon any day.

13. I have a wicked and sometimes mildly offensive sense of humor.  My husband has made this worse and I try to keep it in check, but I never actually mean anything by it so I apologize for the future.

14. I’ve been married since May 17 2008, I think.  I’ll need to go check on this one… I don’t remember dates well, but the wedding was fantastic!

15. I love to cook, and am pretty darn good at it.  This a miracle as very few people in my family have any skills in the kitchen.

16.  I believe the two essential items to fixing any cooking and baking, respectively, are garlic and vanilla extract.

17.  I love to knit and sew and am always working on a project.

18.  My husband and I were born in the same hospital (2 weeks apart, I’m older), attended the same day care when we were babies and lived no more than two miles away from each other for about 3 years when we were kids.  His mother also worked at one of my elementary schools and we’re pretty sure my mother and his dad crossed paths at work.  But we never really met until college.

19.  How we met and came to be “a couple” is a three year long, slightly embarrassing story of two awkward people trying to deny their feelings.   It’d probably make a great rom-com movie.

20.  When we first started telling people we were dating most people at school were confused because they had assumed we were a couple for about two years.

21.  When I got married I went from one first cousin to around 27.  Yep, I married a Catholic.

22. Since I graduated college in 2006 and 2008 I lived in 6 states.

23.  I’ve traveled through approx. 30 states and been through approx. 16 different airports.

24.  This year I’ve been in Oregon, without having to leave for work, for almost the entire year.  It’s a record.

25.  Before we got married the longest my husband and I had been in the same place together at the same time was about 6 months in over 4 years.  We’re going on 15 months now and haven’t driven each other crazy.

26.  We have two cats; a black cat named Hex and a one-eyed cat named Yarr.

27.  I think the best job in the world would a real estate agent dealing in lairs for Evil Super Villians.

That should do it for now!

I’d love to hear from anyone who stumbles on this blog and I can be email at at