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My husband plays this

I like to craft

So I make husband this

Yes, that is a cross-stitched Horde Symbol.

I don’t understand the fascination with the game… but it gave me another thing to make for stash busting…


I’m already making progress on the Stash Busting with one project ready to be sent away!

I found this purple yarn in my stash; a left over from a previous project for a friend.  So I whipped her up a Purl Beret in about 2 days and stuck a button from my button stash on the back.

Also the Craft Hope Scarf is starting to take form.  I have to admit I really like the way the Linen Stitch makes the self-striping yarn look.

Go now and see an update on the Craft Hope Etsy Store on the Craft Hope website! This Etsy store is a brilliant idea and I hope that Craft Hope continues it for other charities later on!

P.S. Proof that miracles are still occurring, prayers work.

At the beginning of this year I had a good sized basket of yarn and a loathing of becoming a “stasher”.  You know one of those old ladies that has piles or yarn, boxes of buttons and mountains of fabric; so I really try to keep myself in check, especially at thrift stores.  So I bring you the great stash bust of 2010. I want to start working on more complicated projects with a better quality of yarn, so I’m giving myself a rule that I can’t start those projects until I’m done with what’s in the basket already

In order to do this I spent the last few days dividing and organizing the stash, assigning projects and shelving it all accordingly.  I got rid of a shopping bag of leftovers and a few things I’ll never use, and at the moment I have 6 skeins of yarn that don’t have projects assigned, but I do have a general idea of them (1 skein hat, 1 skein gloves, 4 skeins blanket or charity project).

Here’s a look at my projects for this year:

My First Sweater

Transition Gloves

From Right to Left: A Scarf, Craft Hope Scarf, Beret, Socks, Another Scarf

I still need to go throw my fabric box and needlework stuff, but this should keep me busy for a few months.

I’m thrilled for the first Craft Hope Project of 2010!  And it involves knitting which makes me (and my goal of stash busting) even happier.  If you have a little time, a little yarn and a little love consider making a scarf for the Craft Hope Orphan Foundation – Red Scarf Program!

“The Orphan Foundation serves thousands of foster teens throughout the U.S. They provide college scholarships, connect them with mentors and internships, send them care packages, and testify for them before Congress. Each year 25,000 students ‘age out’ of the foster care system and the Orphan Foundation is committed to helping them become tomorrow’s successful citizens. They launched the Red Scarf program in 2005 to send red scarves to warm the hearts (and necks) of college bound youth. They began taking these donations to include in their Valentines Day care packages.”

– From the Craft Hope Website

A little post holiday crafting for my home.

Using a Dover Needlework Transfer Pattern and some beige cotton fabric and spare embroidery thread I had lying around.  Time spent – about 3 days.


Now I have something to look at while I work on that never ending pile of dishes.

Also finished this

and this

just haven’t found a place for them yet.

And for an idea of gauge, and because I’m rather proud of my small stitches.  A close up next to a bottle cap left over from New Years Eve.

Right Now I Am –

Eating : Bacon… yup just bacon

Listening to: “Razia’s Shadow: A Musical” by Forgive Durden.  It is amazing, just stunning.  I dare you to listen to “The Missing Piece” and not want to grab your loved one and dance across the floor like an Indie-Rock Fred and Ginger.

Thinking of: how I would make “Razia’s Shadow” into a complete theatrical experience without changing or having to add anything to it.

Working on: A bunch of different projects, all for me now that the holidays season is over.  Mainly small embroidery projects to decorate my barewalls and more hats!

Waiting for: Ben to get home and my last Christmas present to arrive (Grey hi-top Chucks).

Planning: All the errands I need to run tomorrow.

Thinking:  It’s been a good day.

I have received word that most of the presents I sent out the other week have been received, and for those who haven’t gotten to them because of that pesky country-wide snow storm – well conveniently they don’t read this – or at least I don’t think they do.

So here we go – a look into what I spent 3 weeks working on.  (And yep, I got all this done in three weeks)

Hand – Cross Stitched “Noel” Decorative Pillows with Felt Backs for the Grandmother-in-Laws

Wool Felt Bird Ornaments – My Own Design –

One set for my Cousin and her New Husband and One set for my Aunt and Uncle

Ben said the grey birds looked evil because of the red french-knot eyes.

I said I didn’t ask for his opinion.


Lots and Lots of Knitting –

I owe you a clearer picture of these later and that last hole is stitched up – but these are the hubbies WWII Era Pattern “Trigger Gloves”.

Made with this Amazing Purl Bee Pattern “Simple Pleasures Hat” for the Best Friends New Hubby.

The Montse Beret for the Best Friend to Keep Her Warm Up By the Lake

The Meret Beret for my Mother in Law

And Another “Simple Pleasures Hat” for my Father in Law

Admittedly one of the best things about all this handmade stuff?  I’m sorry to admit it, but it barely cost me a dime.  Most of the yarn, thread, wool felt, even the cross-stitch fabric I had just waiting to be used on my craft shelves.  The patterns were all free, or previously acquired as well.  So all I needed was the time, which I apparently had in spades thanks to my current time off from work.

I really hope I get to do this again next year.  The plan is that I will switch off who gets something handmade each year, because lets face it unless you’re under the age of 10 you don’t need a new knit hat every year and even handmade “stuff” is still “stuff”.  I also have dreams of bigger, better and nicely things to make – sweaters and blankets are on the agenda since I’ve yet to use this – that I picked up at the Goodwill for $6.


Christmas was warm and wonderful, even if it was just the two of us this year.  We spent the day curled up on the couch watching movies and eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees and playing Blokus Duo.  We are also now in possession of enough board games that we need to make more friends in order to ever get to play them.  And I received a sustain pedal for my keyboard which finally allowed me to play not only some of my favorite sheet music, but all of my favorite Christmas Carols!  If I can’t have weighted keys I, at least, now have the ability to sustain!

Christmas Eve was also wonderful filled with lasagna and walks downtown to see the lights and a lovely midnight service.  Our church doesn’t decorate until Christmas Eve so it was such a treat to see it all decorated!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

The Christmas decorations are finally up!  We spent yesterday decorating the house feels wonderful!

Carolers in Snow

Stockings hung with care and yes those are a collection of plastic dinosaurs.

A little Christmas message.

This years Christmas Craft.

This years Christmas Tree, which wouldn’t be complete without …

The Christmas Cat taking up permanent residence under the tree.

P.S. Extra points if you can find the Transformer Ornaments in the Tree…

It’s like finding in the Glass Pickle…

except with Decepticons.

Question:  What’s your strangest Christmas Ornament or Holiday Decoration?

Okay… so around Thanksgiving I did manage to finish something for myself and have been wearing it non-stop. It’s warm, it’s wonderful. I’ve been told in makes me look “British”. It’s perhaps the best hat I’ve ever had, I’ve even worn in to church.

*apologies for the black and white, it was late, I had no makeup on and the bathroom lighting was being especially harsh*

It’s been especially handy as I’m growing my hair back out… again and don’t want to get in cut every couple of weeks.

*no, my posture isn’t that bad, it’s how I had to hold the camera*

I’m making myself another one in black for work as soon as Christmas is over (or at least when the hand made portion is complete).

The pattern is the Monste Beret found on Ravelry. It only took me about a day of knitting to complete, or rather about 2 Masterpiece Theatre viewings of “Wuthering Heights” and a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”.

P.S. Whoever clicked “Been There” on my slight-marriage-soap box post below, let me know who you were! I’d love to know who’s also “been there” when confronted with things like that. =)


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