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Thank for sticking by me as I complained ad-nauseum last week.  It really was a doozy of a week and I’m quite glad that it is over and I can start again.

I wish I could say I looked like this all week, but this was the day before the “Drag Comment”

Most of the week I felt more like this.

P.S. Can I have a vote on the new bangs? – I’m digging them and think it’ll look better as the rest of the hair (in a small ponytail finishes growing out)

I wish I could post a bunch of great pictures of our adventure today, but we decided Sunday morning not to go adventuring.  We really just needed a day at home to re-charge.  Though it was less adventurous than I planned we did get a lot of cleaning done, a huge pile of laundry cleaned and both our closest cleaned (and a pile of stuff for the Goodwill) and capped off the night with a good home-cooked meal and a nice movie.

The result of some closest purging/organizing – you’re looking at all of my clothes save my underthings and pants.

Ben’s new (very snug) corner of the room

The impetus for most of the cleaning and laundry was a new piece of furniture.  I stopped at random consignment store today and found the final piece of furniture we’ve been look for for months, a high-boy dresser for our bed room.  We finally threw out Ben’s old plastic stack drawers and even found him a nightstand.  We are officially free of all our old college student furniture and have a nice collection of really furniture, most of it bought slowly second hand.  Nothing matches, but in that lovely, eclectic way.

The newest member of the bedroom – apologies not fully organized/decorated yet.

Onward to the new week!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Soon to Be Mothers, Surrogate Mothers and Those Wishing to be Mothers out there… it’s a day for you to be respected and loved for what you have done, what you are doing, what you will do and what you can do for all of us.

Please, please, please… if you ever see me half way through a really rough week and I am making a really good attempt at being pleasant even though I want to scream, please be mindful of what you say.  If I have decided I want to wear nicer clothes and do my hair and make up a little more than I usually do for work in order to feel a little better about myself, please be mindful of what you say.

Acceptable  comments are –

“What’s the occasion?”

“Don’t you look nice today”



Please never say the following….

“Why are you in DRAG?”


It will make me shocked, appalled and immediately self-conscious on the spot.

It will also make me feel like crying for the remaining 9 hours (out of 13) that I still have to work with you for that day.

Just sayin’.

Not focusing on the other things that are going wrong at work/with me (a flooded cubby space and shin splints), but rather focusing on whats up coming.

A Sunday Adventure HERE.


A Second Anniversary Adventure HERE.

Look for updates on Flickr (my long ignored flickr) in the coming weeks.

On Tuesday did I –
A. Get to sleep in?
B. Go to work in a good mood?
C. Deal with perpetually grumpy co-worker who could pretend to offer congratulations on the amount of work I did on Monday?
D. Complete the Pants Project with time to spare?
E. Do all the rest of the notes and prep for the show on my own?
F. Find out the stuff staining my costumes red from the table clothes is spray paint?
G. Be told there is no immediate way to fix F?
H. Give The Pants to actor
I. Have Assistant Stage Manager friend come back to me a half hour later (and a half hour before the show started) with them in a ball in his hand to tell me the new pair had ripped and were also unusable?
J. Get really quiet and ask friend to leave the room?
K. Throw said pants across the room?
L. Cry?
M. Quick rig something up so the actors could do a part of the lobster gag?
N. Get through the rest of the night?
O. Decide tomorrow will be better
P. All of the above + received lots of hugs and thanks for the work I did do, even though it kind of came to nothing…

Yup…. the Answer is P.

As I said to Ben “At least when I’m a teacher and a kid splits their pants it won’t be my job to fix them….”

What I am not doing today is
*sleeping in
*studying for my GRE’s
*working out
*cleaning my living room
*cleaning my bathrooom
*doing the dishes
*enjoying the sunshine
*reading a good book

What I am doing today
*going back into work
*on my one day off
*by myself
*to make a pair of tear away tuxedo pants….
*complete with lobster hook attachment

Sunday’s show was the show from H.E.Double Hockey Sticks, complete with missing props, malfunctioning sound equipment, a complete loss of power and one completely decimated pair of tear away tuxedo pants complete with lobster hook attachment.

The next show is Tuesday….


Yeah but all seriousness Math and I had a fight when I was about 10 and we never patched things up….  I worked hard to prove myself with Math, even reaching Pre-Calc II (an achievement for someone who’s 6th grade teacher wanted to hold her back because she had memorized the entire multiplication table perfectly – don’t ask me the multiples of 6, 7, 8 it’s never sunken in).  But, Math – that fickle lady- never made it easy or truly accepted me.

So here I am reviewing Algebra and Geometry and I still find myself asking the same questions I did over 10 years ago….

Who the heck (who is not a mathematician, math teacher or scientist of some kind) has ever had to use to square roots, exponents, factorials or solved for a quadratic equation in their normal day to day lives?

No one… I’m certain of it.

Even though I’m bitter that I’m back tempting my fate with Math again I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how much is still familiar and…

at least it’s not Trig.

Work started back up yesterday in true theatre style with a day that started at 9 a.m. and went until 11 p.m. Since I have to dive right back into the deep end of work I might not be able to spend as much time on here as I want for the next few weeks.

So today I leave you with some music that I’ve been bopping around to either at home or on the walk to work.

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I don’t know if it’s because I have a natural ability to look on the bright side to begin with or if I’m just blessed with a quick turn around time on moods like Saturdays, but they never really last long.

This weekend was filled with some great times.

A four-hour long dinner date with our favorite local couple.  You know the kind, where the conversations last forever and just flow seamlessly until you’ve lost track of the time completely.

Coming home at almost 1 a.m. to sit down and start reading the new books I picked up that day.

Brunch with friends.

A lazy afternoon of napping and more reading.

And then a very lovely and swoon worth first run-through of my favorite regency period love story that will be my first show of the season.

And back home for dinner and more reading!

I had many reminders that countered everything else.  Knowledge that we will travel someday and that it’s okay that we haven’t yet.  That even without ivy-league degrees we are well spoken, intelligent people who have achieved quite a lot in the less than four years of being out of school.  In fact today I feel rather proud that what others have achieved with the help of famous connections and well-known programs I have achieved just through determination and hard work.  That most of those things that I want are attainable, and that there is a reason to why I can’t have everything right now.

The comments from everyone were a great boon as well; it is really nice to know that we all have those times.

Do you ever have those days were everything seems to want to remind you of what you don’t have or haven’t achieved?  I’ve had a couple of those days this week.

It’s just one of those weeks when everyone seems to own a home while I’m still renting relatively cheap apartments.

Or starting families when we’re still waiting.

Or traveling when I can’t get out of the valley.

Or just doing things that I just can’t.

During times like these I get stuck in the past a lot thinking I didn’t work hard enough in high school, didn’t try to go to a prestigious college, etc., etc., etc. and fuss over things that I can’t change and can only see now with 20/20 hindsight vision.

It’ll pass, but I hate having these moments.

I know that one day  I’ll have the home, the family, the job.  I’ll have traveled and written and made things to my hearts content.  I’ll have a small handful of things that will make someone else go “I wish I had done that” and that will be enough.


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